Dental Anxiety

Research shows that up to 36% of individuals suffer from dental anxiety, with another 12% suffering from severe dental phobia.

Do not let dental anxiety stop you from getting the treatment and care that you need.

At Lakeside Dental Studio, we have helped many patients with varying levels of dental anxiety, and can work with you to find the right solution to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible every step of the way.

Sleep Dentistry

If you have moderate to severe dental anxiety, you may consider having dental treatment done under IV sedation (sleep dentistry).

We understand that dental treatment is scary for some people, and they are unable to envision having treatment while fully conscious.

Patients under IV sedation (‘sleep’ or ‘twilight’ dentistry) are in a very relaxed state and have little or no recollection of dental treatment once they regain full consciousness.

We offer a range of treatment under sedation. It may be a suitable option if you need a lot of treatment, more complex treatment or are unable to tolerate  long appointments.

Is Sleep Dentistry Right For You?

If you are relatively fit and healthy, you may be able to undergo IV sedation. Based on our experience, people choose to have IV sedation if they have:  

  • Anxiety or phobia related to dental procedures
  • Fear or trauma as a result of a previous bad experience
  • Low pain threshold
  • Small mouth or inability to open wide for a prolonged period of time
  • Intolerance to local anaesthetics,
  • Suffer from anxiety disorders
  • Have a hypersensitive gag reflex

Don’t Let Anxiety stop you from getting the Dental Care you Need

If you have been putting off dental treatment due to overwhelming anxiety, come in for a consultation. We are able to tailor a solution to suit your needs. Our dentists have successfully helped many patients with dental anxiety over the years. From our caring, compassionate, and gentle staff, to our relaxing environment and modern techniques,  you can rest assured that you will be in good hands.


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