CEREC crowns are the fastest way to restore your smile if you have severe tooth damage. The crowns are fabricated and placed in a single session, allowing you to leave the dental practice with a new smile. 

However, because the process is significantly faster than getting conventional dental crowns, some patients may wonder how long CEREC crowns last and whether they are worth the investment. 

Learn about the CEREC crown procedure and how to prolong the life of your CEREC crowns


What are CEREC Crowns?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) crowns are dental crowns made onsite in a dentist’s surgery while you wait. The crown is made from a computer-aided design (CAD) model of your teeth and fabricated in a milling machine from a solid block of zirconia ceramic. 

The dental crown is cemented onto your prepared tooth and polished to blend seamlessly with your natural smile. If your dentist has prescribed a crown and you are considering CEREC crowns, you may wonder how long do CEREC crowns last


Am I a Candidate for CEREC Crowns?

Most patients who need a dental crown are good candidates for CEREC crowns; however, there are some cases where CEREC crowns are unsuitable. 



CEREC crowns are unsuitable if you:

  • Grind your teeth; bruxism places undue pressure on the crown, leading to cracks and loosened dental cement. 
  • Have dental damage below the gum line; the intraoral camera used to scan and create the virtual model of the crown cannot access the tooth structure below the gum line.


How Long Do CEREC Crowns Last: CEREC Crowns vs Traditional Dental Crowns

Both traditional and CEREC crowns are made from durable materials designed to withstand the rigours of daily life, but there are some critical differences between the two. 

CEREC crowns can be created in a single appointment, whereas traditional dental crowns usually require two or more appointments. This is because CEREC crowns are made using computer-aided design and manufacturing, while conventional dental crowns are made by a technician in an off-site dental lab. 

CEREC crowns are typically made from ceramic, while traditional dental crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain, metal, or resin. Ceramic is popular for CEREC crowns because it closely resembles natural tooth enamel.


How Long Do CEREC Crowns Last: Factors That Affect Longevity

CEREC crowns can last approximately 10 years. However, several factors influence how long your CEREC crowns last:


  • Oral Hygiene

CEREC crowns and traditional dental crowns aren’t vulnerable to acid erosion or decay, but the tooth underneath is. Poor oral hygiene can cause gum disease and tooth decay to the remaining structure under the crown, meaning it may need to be removed to repair the tooth. 


  • Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle factors play a significant role in the lifespan of your CEREC crowns. For example, tobacco products can discolour the crown and increase your risk of gum disease. 

If you grind your teeth, consume a lot of acidic foods and drinks, or open packets with your teeth, you may shorten your CEREC crown’s lifespan. 


  • Bruxism

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can subject enamel to six times the average force exerted on teeth. This can cause wear and tear on the teeth and, over time, lead to fractures. If you have bruxism, you may need to replace your CEREC crown more often.


  • Tooth Location

CEREC crowns on teeth towards the front of your mouth tend to last longer than those on the molars or premolars. This is because the teeth at the back of the dental arch are used for grinding food and are subject to greater chewing forces than the front teeth, increasing the rate of wear and tear.


Are There Any Disadvantages to CEREC Crowns?

affecting factors cerec crowns swanseaOne of the main disadvantages of CEREC crowns is that they are unsuitable for all patients, like those who grind their teeth or have decay or a broken tooth below the gumline. 

Another potential drawback of CEREC crowns is that they may not last as long as traditional dental crowns. Traditional dental crowns are crafted from various materials, including metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal. These materials are designed to withstand greater biting forces and more wear and tear than the ceramic materials used to make CEREC crowns, making them more likely to last longer. However, CEREC crowns will still provide many years of use with proper care and maintenance. 

While there are some potential drawbacks to CEREC crowns, the advantages far outweigh any negatives. CEREC provides a convenient and effective way to restore the smiles of patients who are candidates for this treatment.


Tips to Make Your CEREC Crown Last Longer

  • Choose an experienced CEREC dentist.
  • Wear a custom mouthguard when participating in contact sports.
  • Don’t use your teeth as a tool. 
  • Wear a custom nightguard if you grind your teeth. 
  • Brush and floss twice a day. 
  • Visit your dentist every six months for a check-up.  


Get Long-Lasting CEREC Crowns at Lakeside Dental Studio

CEREC crowns are one of the dental field’s newest cutting-edge technologies. If you’re looking for a long-lasting dental crown solution, CEREC crowns are an excellent option.

At Lakeside Dental Studio, we use CEREC technology to create high-quality dental crowns. We understand the importance of oral health and take pride in providing our patients with gentle, compassionate and skilled dental care. To learn more about our CEREC crowns or to book an appointment, contact us at (02) 4971 3366.




Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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